Frequently Asked Questions


How we ship the banks?

In 2019 all shipping companies went to using the size of the box to calculate how much to charge for shipping.  Shipping the banks assembled required a fairly large box.  Under the new system it was costing up to $42 to ship a single bank! I was losing money on every order. 
The result is that I've had to change to shipping the bank with the foot/base and the Belly not assembled.  These easily attach to the body-NO TOOLS REQUIRED. (The 23 inch Elephant and Excavator require a Phillips screwdriver to attach the base)   Easy instructions are included in the new, smaller box.
I ship by FEDEX.  In most parts of the country FEDEX delivers 7 days a week.  


How do I get the money out?

The “Belly” is two halves.  It is held together by a special bolt that passes through the center and screw into a special nut.  Use a flat screwdriver or a dime to un-screw the bolt.  The two halves will then separate. 

What are the banks made from?

The bodies are made out of a recycled wooden product called Medium Density Fiberboard. It is made from Canadian White Pine.  It’s perfect for making the banks because there isn’t any grain to make it weak, it’s splinter free, and there isn’t any sap to bleed through the paint.
The Belly is made from a very durable plastic.  It can be filled and emptied over and over again.


Can I get spare parts?

Absolutely! Just click the link look in our inventory for the "Replacement Belly Kit."  Need something not listed there? Just email us at


Are the banks made of or with non-toxic materials?

They sure are! We take pride in our fabrication process! We are a small family-owned company. John started hand-making these toys for his own kids, and he wouldn't make them out of anything he wouldn't give to them. Now he's making them for his grandkids! 
Our banks are proudly handcrafted in our family shop in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.  Proudly made in America!
Every component, which includes the wood, hardware, plastics, inks, and paints are submitted to a certified lab for Lead and safety testing.  They are certified to be lead-free.

Because of our process, it is cost prohibitive to offer this service for individual banks.  I hope that you can find a bank for sale on our website that meets your needs.
We do offer custom design and color service for orders of 200 or more. 


Are they safe for children under the age of 3?

Coin banks are not toys.  Coins are small and are a choking hazard for children 3 and under.  The hardware that holds the foot/base to the body of the bank and the nut that holds the “Belly” together are small parts too.
That being said, a lot of my banks are purchased and given as new baby gifts and as gifts for young children.  This is because a coin bank is also decorative and a room accessory. 


Will you ship internationally?

Because the coin track has to be made specifically for each countries coins I do not ship Internationally.   However, I do have a distributor in Canada.  They can be reached at:   And I have a distributor for Europe.  He does ship Internationally.  They can be reached at:

Which US Coins will this Bank track work with?

The coin track is specifically designed for American coins.  It takes pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters.  The dollar coin does not fit. 


How much money will the bank hold?

More than you think!  It holds 978 quarters, over 3000 dimes or about $120 in mixed change.  The exact amount will depend on the mix of coins.


Will it accept dollar bills?

Paper money can be inserted by rolling it up and inserting it into the small slot at the top of the “Belly”, where the coins drop into it.


I have a question I don't see answered here. Who should I contact?

We love to get your emails!  We answer emails within 24 hours-- contact us at


603 504 4106 Hrs 9-4  EST